We are a team of GIS professionals committed to delivering quality work for our clients.

We’re always growing our talent pool and would love to hear from other motivated, engaged and inspired professionals.  

To help you gauge if you’re a fit, here’s a bit more information about us:

  • We’re passionate about staying up to date with the latest technologies, tools and tricks.
  • We encourage each other to share thoughts, ideas, and inspiration.
  • We thrive on collaborating with one another to solve a challenging problem.
  • We’re comfortable jumping in where we’re needed most.
  • We love our flexible work environment, and when we’re needed in person, we’re there.
  • It’s not all work! We take advantage of opportunities to connect socially.
  • With an eNPS* of 50, we’re happy to recommend The Solution Stack as a good place to work!

*Employee Net Promoter Score 

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